Back At North

Don't Bother, I'm Still Struggling

She keeps her eyes on me but, her mind was somewhere else

Im tired of her lies that's when I realized

That she was awkward and lazy and her friends seems to hate me

Listen up closely now. Its all those little thing you do to me now

Pretended everything was fine

Breaking my heart

Keeping up with you was just my common sense

Live a little before its too late

Lets start over can we just go on as friends

No more trembling on words unsaid

Sleeping alone 

Finally atleast i think, its time for me to sink this in.

I've never thought that i would be the one to say "Goodbye its over forever now"

I've never realized days of independence could ever feel so pleasing

Keep on believing, I think its time for a day off

Keep on believing.

Our mistakes made all our paths and our whole future go to waste,

Keep it in mind.

We struggled before we could end this, missed all of the times when you were not around 

But i was dreaming, im leaving you behind

Its too late for tomorrow with you and I.

Rather Broke Than Fake

Yeah I noticed when, yeah I noticed when you convinced yourself

To stay away keep on fighting it all.

Keep on listening, hear me out I wanna tell you a secret precious time, keep on fighting it all

Can you hear me out, don't be hurting yourself.

My arms are open can you please just smile

Restless and broken does it hurt to try

Cause when you look back tell me what do you see

Your life full of joy dont search for empathy.

Plans cancelled, with all of your friends

Dont worry, you're better than them in the end. 

Knowing from my own perspective

I sense those broken dreams from far 

This new brick wall you've built up infront of you, 

Does it stand for what you are?

Im feeling so lonely and i hate what I am.

Keep my head up high, well, cant I just fuck this program? 

I know which path you're taking, empty and left forsaken.

Leave me be x3

Friends With Benefits

So hold on, tonight's gonna be the night

When everything feels so right, in my heart

So get ready for it

We're gonna go all day and night had no idea you were so tight girl

You're gonna hope for the best so let me be your guest now rest for the night

The thing i said to you will drown cause I don't feel like your my whole world

And yes I'm sorry for that, you got misguided so bad, please rest for the night

Well I knew. 

Your gonna be at that party with your best friends

Drinking, havin fun was the only thing in mind,

I know that you will be staring at me, so I said hi in the hallway.

This time I will surrender, cause my temptations are all in her favor x2

Will you know when you're going to sleep, I wonder

Bring your friends and let them warn you about me

All that we've done has come to just be a waste of my time. 

Cause you were not what I thought, so bite the pillow, 

Hang on, unless you think we're not done. 

Bring your hands up and congratulate, for all the times we guys will get laid

Bring your hands up and congratulate for all the times. I just got laid 

Raise The Bar

Take notes you are sitting alone in this.

And all i know, I'm used to raise the bar. 

For quitting is not what I had in mind

What seems like forever is just passing by. 

I can not take this, I've waited to long now x4

Bad Dreams & Bad Habits

This is your last wakeup call

Without you knowing that i will always be here for you

My life's for two and I know that you will stay in mine

My nights has come to an end

Preparing all of my friends for that

It may not last 

Take what you can and leave it all behind for safety now

Cause I'm always ahead of you

I am not surprisingly good, Im better than tha, 

Take a look, take a look at what you've done and I know that

I am the best one for you to hold on to right now, 

Take a look take a look im quite alright

So here's to me! 

With every breath you're taking, follows a heart while in the making

Grab your suitcase and move, to where you want to be

Cause I am the one searching for happines

And all that I've been missing out is just a feeling I can't describe

I close my eyes in hope for one more daydream,

I close my eyes in hope for one more daydream!

Close your eyes and wait for the better, here you stand it don't seem to matter x4 

(Take a look at what you've done, take a look at what you've done) x4